Monday, January 5, 2009

Two hours with Memaw

Laura came into Lebanon on Monday evening to get her hair done and I got the joy of watching Jayce and Jordy for a couple of hours. I picked them up and we went straight to Mcdonalds to the playground. Thankfully they have a huge treehouse and secure area with bathroom(although it was pretty nasty). Even Jordan got into climbing up the inside of the tall tree and coming down the curvy slide tummy down and feet first. They were a few other kids there, and thankfully they were all pretty nice and good about taking turns, I'm talking about not only my 2, but the others also. We had a hamburger Happy Meal and a chicken nugget Happy Meal, we got an extra toy and they actually ate most of their food. We had a great time and they weren't ready for the fun to be done when mom got there. Jayce even made a new friend, a pretty curly-haired girl, whom he helped up onto the "log". I love my little boys and it made for a great Monday to get to see them. Love to you all.

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