Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just About Jayce

Jayce Andrew O'Quinn was born in June, 2005. He was our first grandchild, from our oldest child. It had been like 15-16 years since I had been a part of a newborns life, I felt like maybe I was 3rd in command, you know like a retired General called back into active duty, very exciting and scary, hoping it's like riding a bicycle. I remember his sweet round head, so much like Laura's when she was a newborn, perfectly round with lots of dark hair. He looked very much like Jared though, and It took me a while to get to know this little creature. Jordan on the other hand, felt like I had known him for years. Jayce was always serious and kinda hard to get a smile or laugh from. All of his baby photo's show him with a little old man look on his face like he had to think about things before he had a decision. I never want to treat my grandchildren different, I want to enjoy each one for whom they are, I want a specialness with each one, I want them to know how much I love them and how incredibly special they are to me and papaw. But, having said that, I can't help but have a little special place for my first grandchild, I'm sorry, I can't help it, I won't love the others any less, but Jayce was the first. Now, Jayce decided to come to stay overnight by himself on Saturday night, I picked him up and after shopping for jeans for Pete, we went to their house to pack an overnight bag. Jayce traveled back over the hills and hollers with me and Pete for a night of fun and adventures. We played shark attack, where we move furniture to line up a pathway between the recliner and couch. This is like a gangplank of the ship and you have to be careful not to fall into shark infested waters below. At any given time, the shark could be memaw, Pete or Jayce. We also had a tea or coffee party in the living room. Did you know that they don't make little boy tea-sets? Well, they should, maybe a coffee chat set, or does that sound too gay, maybe a lumberjack mug-o-coffee break time playset, anyway, I had to buy a Tinkerbell set, but the point was that we had fun, he got to serve me fresh coffee (water) into my cup, we got to stir with with the spoons, we had tortilla chips and salsa on the plates and bowls. The we played Hot Wheels with the old garage set from Pete, also fishing from the pirate ship (recliner). All the fun slowly dwindled down to a big foamy bath, with all the tea party set in the water. Afterwards, we watched some good shows on Sprout and then got ready for bed. Jayce got to sleep with memaw in her big comfy bed since papaw was at work, it took alittle bit of flashlight time and ceiling watching before he drifted off. Memaw slept pretty good too, considering she had a monkey in the bed who slept sideways. The morning brought french toast and more playtime, then regretfully time to pack up and head back home. We made a drive-thru stop at McDonald's for a Happy Meal, with not too much of a breakdown over not getting to play in the playground. We met mom at Decaturville, about 1/2 way home and I think Jayce was getting droopy from too much fun at memaw's house. With sweet hugs and kisses until next time, we always make big plans for next time, Jayce went back home to mom, daddy and Jordy, but memaw has an awfully quiet house now. Goodnight Jayce, Love to you all.

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