Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's A Girls' Night Out

Krysta getting in my car at their apartment in Lebanon, ready to roll!

What size did you need a 00p, come on no one wears that size????

Do these work for me or make we kinda look like the old and fat Elvis???

Krysta sweet talkin' to Brian over the phone. Laura taking Krysta's pix in Applebees while I took her picure, we were stuffed with good food.
To the left, Froggie glow rings at Pier One? They jiggled around and glowed and were rings, I don't really know who they were targeting with these, kinda creepy. Below, Krysta's "catch of the day", ornament wreaths for $8 each

Since Brian was going to be away for the weekend to reserve duty, Krysta and I decided to go see the new Kate Hudson movie, Wedding Wars. We invited Laura along and went to Osage Beach to catch the flick and do a little shopping. I picked Krysta up at their apartment and then continued on to meet Laura at Camdenton. We made the 4:10 matinee and the girls' enjoyed the crazy high-priced popcorn they have at all movie theaters. After the show we went along the adjoining outdoor mall and did some sale shopping. We all found a few bargains and decided to have some dinner at Applebee's. Laura and I had Margareta Chicken and Krysta had steak. It was nice just to sit and visit with each other without kids or husbands. After our wonderful dinner we stopped at Pier One to check out their "All Christmas 75% Sale", Krysta bought 2 really cute ornament wreaths for next year, Laura bought a red painted wooden chair for her kitchen work station and I bought a wreath made of feathers, tambourines for the boys and a holiday photo album. We had such a good time and hope we can maybe do it again in a few months, I think time goes by so quickly and we don't stop to treasure the times we can and believe me what fun and memories we made for our treasure boxes. Thanks girls for a great night. Love mom

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  1. Are you kidding me? I promise I don't wear a OOP. Only someone that believes an apple is a meal in itself would wear a OO petite. :)