Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blasts From The Past

I am going to randomly scan in old pictures of my liking without any rhyme or reason. The three I picked to scan tonight include: An old copy of a photo of my paternal grandmother, Anna Chastain Long. I'm not sure of her date of birth, but I think she was about 17 when this picture was taken. She was at a local carnival/festival/gathering. This had to have been in the early 1900's I guess, probably over around the Blackfoot community where her family lived . The family was actually pretty prosperous, her father owning many, many acres of land and was well thought of in his community. She is holding hands with Charlie Berry, who was a cousin, I hope farther back than first or second, maybe they were just best buddies, who knows, I guess she didn't marry him or my name would have been Sherry Berry (ouch!) Oh, the torture I would have been put through in school. The next picture is of my favorite brother Steve, when he was 2 years and 11 months by my mother's handwriting. He was the favorite, the oldest, the golden one. The reason I scanned it was that everytime I look at it I see Jayce, I think it is the eyes. I just think he is awfully cute in his little ironed shirt and his little head tilted. The last one is of Krysta and mom, about 3 years before she died, I thought is was a very good picture of the both of them. They both were smiling at the camera and looked so happy. I know Krysta was always very close with her grandma grandma and really enjoyed her birthday spent with her. Well, I guess I will end this blog for now, look forward to many more lovely old photo's at my choosing. Be careful of the ice and snow tomorrow or if you live in Arizona, be careful of heat stroke? Love to you all.

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