Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time For Winter

While no many look forward to the winter snows, except school kids and teachers, I thought I would drag out a few old pictures of cold and snowy winters past. Kinda starting at the top and left, a huge snowfall, with Danny trying to dig through the drifts from the garage and the girls all bundled up, exited about their 5 minutes in the snow, that's about how long they stayed outside. Next pictures to the right, Laura and Krysta skating on our pond, one winter when Laura was about 14-15 years old, we had a very cold and hard winter and the pond froze solid, we borrowed skates from our dear friends Janice and Diane and both the girls skated, well Laura skated the most, she became obsessed coming in right after school each day to head to the pond. The next picture is a group of Bobby, Krysta, Pete and Laura enjoying a snowfall, Bobby seems to be smiling, he was our Walmart dog we got for free. The bottom picture is one of the cutest little boys, Pete was maybe 2, he was all bundled in his snowsuit ready to ride the sled with the girls. No matter where you live, these photos of winter are sure to warm your heart, they did mine. Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me. Love to you all.


  1. Just wondering, but did we not own a shovel...poor dad had to dig his way out with a paddle. I remember that snow. It would be nice to have some snow. I love these old pics!! Love ya~Krysta

  2. What are you talking about. I was trying to live my life-long dream of skating like Christy Yamaguchi. That winter was my only shot :)

  3. I think you both are on crack or something, first of all, your father loved that paddle, he was headed for the lake ande second, Laura, you are not Asian, your hopes of skating lasted as long as that home-made swimsuit. Love mom