Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dad's 80th Birthday Party!

After dinner , we had arranged for a fantastic fireworks display and the oohs and aahas were plentiful, we also heard cheering from the neighbors on the hill. After everyone was back in the house, a cake with -count em- 80 candles was ready for dad to blow out with a little help from his oldest great-grandchild, Jayce. I think everyone maybe got a bite of melted wax, as the candles melted very quickly.

Yes, we have a crazy family, from Aunt Kookie, to having Steve tell us to pose with our mouths open, (I don't know why) and looking thru wedding photos from Krysta and Brian's wedding. Oh yes, I took a picture of Steve's ear, cause I could. Everyone had a great time visiting and eating, and standing around the food and eating some more.

Dad wanted a party, my dad has never asked for much, so when he asks I generally try hard to do what he wants. So, a couple of months ago, he asked for a party for his 80th birthday, I don't think he has ever had a party, so why not try to have a big one. Many people were invited, I ordered a cake with blue icing and Laura and Krysta were a big part of the food. I just cooked a turkey and potatoes. I would label this a success, we had 23 people here, 23 VIPS who truly wanted to wish dad well. He had his 3 kids, a son and daughter-in-law, 5 grandchildren with in-laws and a newly soon-to be chickadee from Texas and 2 great-grandsons who helped eat his blue cake and blow out candles. The food table included, turkey and ham, supreme mashed potatoe bar with toppings including cheese, bacon bits, onion, gravy, a beautiful winter salad with nuts and cranberries by Laura, a lucious shrimp and wildrice bake by Krysta, fresh fruit, cheese spread and crackers. The food was all really good and obviously enjoyed by all.

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