Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picking A Pumpkin From The Pumpkin Patch

My own home-grown pumpkin, the only one to survive this year.
Jayce and Jordan in Memaw's pumpkin patch.
Uncle Pete hauling out the "harvest" this year.

Every year I want a pumpkin patch, you know like the Great Pumpkin , Charlie Brown? I want a huge one, so all my little friends and family can have one to choose. Well, this year due to a cold and wet spring, we were slow to get anything out, but I did have 1 home grown pumpkin to call my own, not very big, maybe kick-ball sized, but I grew it. But, I wanted my little boys to have one to make a jack-o-lantern for their front porch, so I bought 2 and "transplanted" then for the little guys to find. It's the thought that counts and I can't do it forever, they will finally figure it out, so I have to be on my game next year and get a bigger and better patch going. Watch out Linus, Memaw is going to have a shining patch for the Great Pumpkin to visit and bring toys to all good little girls and boys!!! Happy Halloween.

Crazy Fall Hayride 2009

Not everyone was willing to brave the cold for the hayride, just a few brave souls.
Everyone getting here, bout ready to start eating, in the picture, Jimmy, Steph, James, Kayley, Jordan, Pete.
Miss Kayley, the cutest girl there!

Grandma Helen picking out a kitten from our newest litter, anyone else want one???
Jared and the boys going for a ride before the party.

Last night we had our annual fall hayride, with quite possibly the largest crowd of friends and family we have ever had. At a rough count we had over 30 here. Pleasantly pleased to have nephew, Jerry, his wife Krista and baby Maddie with us, also James, Steph and Kayley, family newly transplanted to Rogersville, via Arizona. Of course our faithfuls, Brian and Krysta, Grandma Helen, Grandpa Long, Jared and Laura and our little guys, Uncle Pete, David and Florence, Dwane and family, Uncle Jackie, Mamaw Barb and boys, wow I'm gonna miss someone, oh yeah, Jimbo and Suz with baby Heather with Alex. Thanks to them for furnishing the trailer. We had homemade Chili, Chicken and noodles, hot dogs, chips, almost any kind of pie you wanted and stuff to make s'mores. We always clean out the garage/polebarn and have it down there, it was cold but not uncomfortable, until we loaded the trailer for the hayride, then it was cold! We went on our usual journey around by Shields and the dead-woman corner, near the old Bear Thicket School, it is dark and creepy and not too long for the little ones. I hope I never get too old or tired to have this each year, everyone looks forward to it. Hope you can make it next year.