Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time For Two !

Jordan at Burger King, showing papaw where his ears are, he has gotten really good at knowing where everything is located, even his knees, which papaw is tickling.
Jordan was so ready to head to the indoor playground that even Pete's big old shoes would work for him, lot's easier to put on.
Jayce riding the little old motorbike, which used to be Krysta's many years ago, it still rides around pretty good.
Yeah, I told you the chair would be happy and smiling, two little boys had a time rocking, climbing over and tipping it. What a great size for them.
Watching BOLT, about a very cute dog, both boys LOVED it and Jordan especially was entranced by it, I placed his vanilla wafers on the arm of the couch and he would feel around to get one so his eyes wouldn't leave the show.
Playing music for memaw, any woman loves a guy who can sing and play music for her, I'm so lucky that I have two!! I am not sure what their song was called, something with a lot of sharp notes in it.
Jayce and Jordan stayed on Friday night with memaw, papaw was working but got home on Sat. to play for a while and go to Burger KIng with us. We had a good time, even though the weather was calling for snow. We played and played and I think on Sat. afternoon we are all very tired and ready for a nap. The boys are home now and it is quiet around here, except for the basketball game. Hope it will not snow tonight as I return to work tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend, love you all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Blue Rocking Chair

Today we drove down to Osage Beach to pay my money to the doctor for my upcoming tummy tuck and lipo. Danny and Pete went along, mostly because Pete wanted a few new clothing items for summer and I think Danny came because he just loves me a lot and wanted to be with me, I guess. Anyway, we stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores, Dogwood Thrift Store in Camdenton. All the money they raise goes to the Humane Society of Camden County, so not only can you get some cool used items you get to help out the homeless animals at the shelter too!!! These are the two items I bought, I am most proud of my little blue rocker. It is built just right for my two little guys, very sturdy, even my fat bottom sat in it, blue and vinyl covered for easy cleaning. I thought it would be hard to judge size by the picture so I put my Easter bunny on and by it so you could see how cute and small it is. Danny looked it over and wants to make a pattern to make another one, which would be so great, cause I am afraid we are going to have a fight with just one. I love this little blue rocker, it MADE my day. It also only cost me 8 bucks, can you believe it. Happy Thrifting! Love to you all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Memaw's Fun-filled Birthday Weekend

Jordy tormenting Pete with his bottle.
Suppertime, yummy mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken and strawberries.
Being spoiled by memaw, leftover Japanese noodles and rice while soaking in the tub, note all the hot wheels drying on the edge of the tub, he gave them a good scrubbing.
Looking a the fresh pineapple at the store, we were picking out Jayce's favorites, strawberries and bananas.
Stocking up on 2 new power ranger phones, these are very important when playing power rangers at memaw's and papaws.
After walking up to the ball field, we were lucky and found a baseball, Jayce was excited.

Walking to the the ball field behind Nelson Park, Jayce kept saying, " They have a baseball, right? They have a baseball, right?" and in fact there was one.
Rolling rocks down the slide, fun only a boy would love. Very noisy.
Papaw swings Jayce, but it didn't last long until Jayce bailed out, luckily it was soft dusty dirt.
Trying out the new slides at Burger King, we usually go to McDonalds, but decided to try something new, Jayce was so wound up and made new buddies who played train with him.
Yes, papaw is fine, just wrangling the carseat for Jayce, No child was injured during this process, Jayce was the only one with us at the time. After coming back from the circus and restaurant on Saturday night, Jayce decided to stay overnight with us, he didn't bring any clothes, but memaw dug through drawers and found some stuff that would work. We had alot of fun, played Mariokart on Wii, of course played shark attack and watched Chicken Little the Movie, one of Jayce's favorites. This time he slept on the couch under the new quilt memaw had just finished. On Sunday morning we had french toast and played some more before going to Burger King and the parks, and then went shopping at Wal-Mart for important things (Power Ranger phones, strawberries, bananas, a new movie and some candy). That evening, we traded off boys and Jayce went to the airport with mom and dad to pick up his Grandma Barb and Jordy stayed with us, but for only a couple of hours. We didn't have as much time together but he did get his own time with memaw, papaw and his favorite Uncle Pete. So we had a very fun and busy weekend and lots of time with our little boys. Love you all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hinode Japanese Resturant

After the circus, we all got together at Hinode's, which is one of the fun and interactive Japanese steakhouses that probably everyone has been to. We have eaten here a few times and have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Our chef prepares the grill and get ready to fire it up, Jayce was ready and had his eyes covered, he knew what was coming.
Wow, what a blast of heat, do any of us have eyebrows after that?
To my right, Jayce, Laura, Jordy and Jared on the back wall, he was watching basketball and keeping track of an ever active Jordan.
I wanted to try sushi, I've had it once, but didn't like it, so I took Brian's advice and tried California Roll, made with rice, Norri, avocado and crab. If they had left out the Norri or seaweed paper, it would have been pretty good, they also put a small sample of fresh tuna on the side and I tried it and found it to be firm and crunchy, like a fresh apple or pear, kinda cool.
The far side, Krysta, Brian, Larry and Carol, Brian's folks, we really like them alot and are always fun to have around.
On my better half, my better half and my baby Pete, I don't know if he was worried about the flaming grill or if he was just tired.
Krysta getting to see her Jordy, he is talking so much now and is a very active little boy, goes non-stop.
The very full, with plenty of leftovers and tired crew, Brian, Laura, Krysta and Jordy, Danny, me and Jayce, Carol, Pete and Jared, we had Larry taking the picture for us. We had such a nice time,and thankfully I was feeling better after being out sick with double pink eye and strep throat. I know, I am getting old and falling apart, but I still, love you all!!!!

Come To The Circus, The Greatest Show In Town!

Again, I put the pictures in backwards, I always forget to put them in from last to first. Oh well, I am another year older and closer to senior citizen discounts. For my birthday weekend, I decided I wanted to go see the big Shrine Circus that is held each year at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield. The above picture was Laura and the boys having a snowcone as we waited for Jared to pick us up. I remember going at least one time when I was in grade school at Phillipsburg. The whole school, all probably 100 of us (whole school grades 1-6) went to see the circus and I will always remember it, I even remember the area we sat in and watching the clown and the trapeze artists were my favorites. so, I decided I wanted to take my little boys and anyone else who wanted to tag along, and seriously, you really must want to take this madness on or just go somewhere else. The takers were Danny, me, Laura, Jayce and Jordy. Jared truthfully decided he would rather go to Bass Pro, but was sweet enough to drop us at the door and return to pick us up so we didn't pay for parking or walk 5 miles. Krysta and Brian declined and poor Pete had to work until 4pm. The Shrine Mosque was as beautiful as I remembered and maybe a bit smaller, including the seats, but the moment you entered the arena, WOW, the lights, smells, sounds, excitement were all there, simply amazing. Luckily plenty of Shriner's were on hand directing people to seats and we got 3 pretty amazing seats with a clear view of the entire floor and rings. We were in close quarters with our neighbors and thankfully they were very nice, I sat by a Downs Syndrome young lady who was so excited to be there, you couldn't help but get caught up in her pure energy and fun. The show lasted about 2 1/2 hours, but at the 2 hour mark Jordy had taken sitting still long enough and we made a break for it, it was a wonderful show and the trapeze artists were as good as I remembered, the show girls so pretty, the clowns as festive and funny and the popcorn was even good. I am really hoping to make this an annual event for my grandkids, and if anyone else wants to tag along, well that will be just fine. Love to you all.
Memaw, Jordy with a couple of funny looking guys.
Two more friendly and festive clowns.
The tigers and their trainer, it was good, but I always thought the tigers looked annoyed and bored.
Jayce with his own box of popcorn that Jordan kept trying to steal, even though he had his own box, also.
The elephants on parade, they take them right out the front of the building and down the sidewalk beside St. Louis street to their trailers to rest.
Just look at the colors and crowds and vendors selling all those cool things.
I think this was right before the show started, but it was so pretty.
Laura, Jordy and Jayce who was sitting on Danny's lap, I just got part of his shirt in the short, like I said it was very close and warm quarters, but a wonderful birthday treat.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rag Quilt

Two squares from one of Grandma Long's cotton blouses she wore every day, a very pretty red gingham with flowers. It is now a part of my little boys' quilt for their playroom. cowboys, horses, plaid and gingham.
A rag quilt, the rough or reverse side, which becomes softer and cuter with every wash.
Called a Rag Quilt, is was very easy to put together, the hardest part was to cut the 160 blocks for piecing. All the squares are made from flannel except the Grandma square and it is cotton. I am so ready top make another, I love this quilt, it is so homey and comforting, I just can't decide who to make one for next, I am thinking Kayley, as I can probably pack it and travel with it on the train in May. I have seen lots of pretty girly flannels in lavender, pink, soft baby blue and mint greens. Or maybe she would like the hot pinks, electric blues and lime greens? Lots of love went into each square!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Playgrounds In One Day

While I put these in really reverse order, you will see a very busy day with Memaw from end to beginning. Two very grungy little boys were put to soak at the end of a very fun exciting day. Jordan plays in the tub with the toy dishes while Jayce wanted to wait his turn.
One can Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle soup, $2.50, a hungry little tummy, Memaw letting him drink the rest out of the bowl, Priceless!!!!!

It's not all play around this house, Jayce is a good helper by feeding Boo Kitty.
Yeah, Betty Crocker star shaped decorations for cookies, that's how we roll at Memaw's.
Hot Wheels, fold-out track and Chicken Little, an easy way to relax.
Coming home from the park, a very tired little guy with a vanilla ice cream cup and a bottle.
Yes, very good balance, he walked the entire balance beam, by himself, no help the entire length, without stepping off even once!! Not bad for a 3 year old.
Hiding out at the play log home, at playground number 2.
Just a nice spin on the little merry-go-round, more kids joined later.
Jordan loves the slides, he is really daring and will go down these by himself.
Help me, I' m in a pink jail cell, let me out!!
Aunt Susi, or Aunt Kooky, joined us at McDonalds playground and then traveled on to the other two we visited. it was a beautiful day, in the 70's and a nice breeze. I think we wore Aunt Kookie out, but Jayce loved having her along.
Hey, If brother isn't going to eat it, pass it on over please.
It's all about the basketball with Jordan, if he finds a ball he looks for the hoop.
Jayce and Uncle Pete playing MarioKart on Wii, the first thing Jayce wanted to do today. We had a very fun day, the boys stayed with us and Pete agreed to help, we also had Aunt Kooky come along to the playgrounds with us. The day is never long enough to do all we need to do, I think Jayce could stay 2 days and not get all the playing done. I think, though 2 tired little boys were ready to go home when mom and dad got back, since Jayce couldn't take the Wii home, (it's Pete's), he took home his 3 pine cones from the park and a can of enchilada sauce. Why the sauce? I really don't know, but if Jayce wanted it, he could have it. I miss my little boys after they leave, but we will have a fun and happy day again soon, I hope. Love to you all...