Sunday, January 18, 2009

Babysitting the Grandguys

On Saturday night Danny, me and Pete got to go to Laura and Jared's to watch Jayce and Jordan while mom and dad went to a post-Christmas party. It's always an adventure in babysitting at their house. I also get a got work-out because their house is three levels and for some reason we have to go to all three, numerous times throughout the evening. We started on the main floor by the boys eating supper, we proceeded down stairs to the family room to watch, "The Bee Movie" and for the boys to race around the room on their riding toys. Pete tried to disappear to "PeteLand" ie his laptop and headphones, but Jayce kept saying, I want to go to Peteland, I want to go to Peteland. Papaw watched all this from the comfort of a recliner and his laptop. I was in the floor keeping the cheese curls picked up, being run-over occasionally by the toys and chasing Jordan around the room on my knees. Then, Jayce decided that we needed to go to the upstairs playroom to play, so we loaded up and moved upstairs 2 levels to the playroom. We played Elmo's kitchen, we played basketball, we played hot wheels, we played throw memaw in jail for no good reason. This went on a long time, or until memaw was getting tired, so then bathtime began, with Jayce dumping lego blocks into the tub to play with. After baths and jammies we all traveled back to the main level to watch television and play with the box of toys in the living room. All in all it was a good night, with Jordan hitting the hay around 10:30 and Jayce staying up until midnight with the return of mom and dad. We had a great time and as we waved goodbye, we had already made plans to ride in papaw new big truck, look for fish at the lake and eat shrimp at Captain Ron's. Good night boys! With much love memaw

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