Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just About Jordan

Jordan Alan O'Quinn was born in July on 2007, only a few months after my mom had died and things were a little bit crazy. He was born with respiratory problems and had to be taken to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital in Columbia. I got to hold him right after delivery, but then everything happened quickly and of course there was Jayce that I was caring for who needed my main attention. It seemed like I missed a small bit of Jordan being a baby, I guess because I always wanted to make sure Jayce got plenty of attention. Jordan is an amazing little guy, I guess I have always know it, I just haven't really watched him as closely. Well, I did last night, he is so quick on his little feet, I think he has the makings of a track star one day. He is also really good at playing basketball, he even fakes out a pass to make the basket. He easy to get a smile and giggle out of, Jayce well you had to work harder to get one. Jordan is a little scrapper, if he falls or runs into big brother, he just keeps going without a whimper. He is starting to talk alot more, I got him to say Krysta, which kinda turned out like Ta, Ta, but he can say alot of thinsg, especially if you listen. He is definitely different from his big brother, like day and night. I look forward to seeing him grow and learn more things and I am going to try harder to give him his share of memaw time, hopefully without taking away from Jayce. It's hard being a grandma sometimes. I love my little Jordy, he is one of a kind. Love to you all

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  1. Awh, memories :) When I think back to everything he went through and what he's like today, I pretty sure that he is the toughest little boy I know.

    You know, you're gonna have to do a Jayce story now. :)