Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time For Two !

Jordan at Burger King, showing papaw where his ears are, he has gotten really good at knowing where everything is located, even his knees, which papaw is tickling.
Jordan was so ready to head to the indoor playground that even Pete's big old shoes would work for him, lot's easier to put on.
Jayce riding the little old motorbike, which used to be Krysta's many years ago, it still rides around pretty good.
Yeah, I told you the chair would be happy and smiling, two little boys had a time rocking, climbing over and tipping it. What a great size for them.
Watching BOLT, about a very cute dog, both boys LOVED it and Jordan especially was entranced by it, I placed his vanilla wafers on the arm of the couch and he would feel around to get one so his eyes wouldn't leave the show.
Playing music for memaw, any woman loves a guy who can sing and play music for her, I'm so lucky that I have two!! I am not sure what their song was called, something with a lot of sharp notes in it.
Jayce and Jordan stayed on Friday night with memaw, papaw was working but got home on Sat. to play for a while and go to Burger KIng with us. We had a good time, even though the weather was calling for snow. We played and played and I think on Sat. afternoon we are all very tired and ready for a nap. The boys are home now and it is quiet around here, except for the basketball game. Hope it will not snow tonight as I return to work tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend, love you all.

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