Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Memaw's Fun-filled Birthday Weekend

Jordy tormenting Pete with his bottle.
Suppertime, yummy mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken and strawberries.
Being spoiled by memaw, leftover Japanese noodles and rice while soaking in the tub, note all the hot wheels drying on the edge of the tub, he gave them a good scrubbing.
Looking a the fresh pineapple at the store, we were picking out Jayce's favorites, strawberries and bananas.
Stocking up on 2 new power ranger phones, these are very important when playing power rangers at memaw's and papaws.
After walking up to the ball field, we were lucky and found a baseball, Jayce was excited.

Walking to the the ball field behind Nelson Park, Jayce kept saying, " They have a baseball, right? They have a baseball, right?" and in fact there was one.
Rolling rocks down the slide, fun only a boy would love. Very noisy.
Papaw swings Jayce, but it didn't last long until Jayce bailed out, luckily it was soft dusty dirt.
Trying out the new slides at Burger King, we usually go to McDonalds, but decided to try something new, Jayce was so wound up and made new buddies who played train with him.
Yes, papaw is fine, just wrangling the carseat for Jayce, No child was injured during this process, Jayce was the only one with us at the time. After coming back from the circus and restaurant on Saturday night, Jayce decided to stay overnight with us, he didn't bring any clothes, but memaw dug through drawers and found some stuff that would work. We had alot of fun, played Mariokart on Wii, of course played shark attack and watched Chicken Little the Movie, one of Jayce's favorites. This time he slept on the couch under the new quilt memaw had just finished. On Sunday morning we had french toast and played some more before going to Burger King and the parks, and then went shopping at Wal-Mart for important things (Power Ranger phones, strawberries, bananas, a new movie and some candy). That evening, we traded off boys and Jayce went to the airport with mom and dad to pick up his Grandma Barb and Jordy stayed with us, but for only a couple of hours. We didn't have as much time together but he did get his own time with memaw, papaw and his favorite Uncle Pete. So we had a very fun and busy weekend and lots of time with our little boys. Love you all.

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