Sunday, March 15, 2009

Come To The Circus, The Greatest Show In Town!

Again, I put the pictures in backwards, I always forget to put them in from last to first. Oh well, I am another year older and closer to senior citizen discounts. For my birthday weekend, I decided I wanted to go see the big Shrine Circus that is held each year at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield. The above picture was Laura and the boys having a snowcone as we waited for Jared to pick us up. I remember going at least one time when I was in grade school at Phillipsburg. The whole school, all probably 100 of us (whole school grades 1-6) went to see the circus and I will always remember it, I even remember the area we sat in and watching the clown and the trapeze artists were my favorites. so, I decided I wanted to take my little boys and anyone else who wanted to tag along, and seriously, you really must want to take this madness on or just go somewhere else. The takers were Danny, me, Laura, Jayce and Jordy. Jared truthfully decided he would rather go to Bass Pro, but was sweet enough to drop us at the door and return to pick us up so we didn't pay for parking or walk 5 miles. Krysta and Brian declined and poor Pete had to work until 4pm. The Shrine Mosque was as beautiful as I remembered and maybe a bit smaller, including the seats, but the moment you entered the arena, WOW, the lights, smells, sounds, excitement were all there, simply amazing. Luckily plenty of Shriner's were on hand directing people to seats and we got 3 pretty amazing seats with a clear view of the entire floor and rings. We were in close quarters with our neighbors and thankfully they were very nice, I sat by a Downs Syndrome young lady who was so excited to be there, you couldn't help but get caught up in her pure energy and fun. The show lasted about 2 1/2 hours, but at the 2 hour mark Jordy had taken sitting still long enough and we made a break for it, it was a wonderful show and the trapeze artists were as good as I remembered, the show girls so pretty, the clowns as festive and funny and the popcorn was even good. I am really hoping to make this an annual event for my grandkids, and if anyone else wants to tag along, well that will be just fine. Love to you all.
Memaw, Jordy with a couple of funny looking guys.
Two more friendly and festive clowns.
The tigers and their trainer, it was good, but I always thought the tigers looked annoyed and bored.
Jayce with his own box of popcorn that Jordan kept trying to steal, even though he had his own box, also.
The elephants on parade, they take them right out the front of the building and down the sidewalk beside St. Louis street to their trailers to rest.
Just look at the colors and crowds and vendors selling all those cool things.
I think this was right before the show started, but it was so pretty.
Laura, Jordy and Jayce who was sitting on Danny's lap, I just got part of his shirt in the short, like I said it was very close and warm quarters, but a wonderful birthday treat.

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