Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rag Quilt

Two squares from one of Grandma Long's cotton blouses she wore every day, a very pretty red gingham with flowers. It is now a part of my little boys' quilt for their playroom. cowboys, horses, plaid and gingham.
A rag quilt, the rough or reverse side, which becomes softer and cuter with every wash.
Called a Rag Quilt, is was very easy to put together, the hardest part was to cut the 160 blocks for piecing. All the squares are made from flannel except the Grandma square and it is cotton. I am so ready top make another, I love this quilt, it is so homey and comforting, I just can't decide who to make one for next, I am thinking Kayley, as I can probably pack it and travel with it on the train in May. I have seen lots of pretty girly flannels in lavender, pink, soft baby blue and mint greens. Or maybe she would like the hot pinks, electric blues and lime greens? Lots of love went into each square!!


  1. OH my gosh...that quilt turned out so cute! I love it. Kayley would LOVE love LOVE a quilt. And we are not picky on colors at all! So, you guys are coming in May?? We'll be planning on driving up to see you guys when you come!

  2. I remember the blouse she wore everyday. I have a piece of it here at the house.