Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Playgrounds In One Day

While I put these in really reverse order, you will see a very busy day with Memaw from end to beginning. Two very grungy little boys were put to soak at the end of a very fun exciting day. Jordan plays in the tub with the toy dishes while Jayce wanted to wait his turn.
One can Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle soup, $2.50, a hungry little tummy, Memaw letting him drink the rest out of the bowl, Priceless!!!!!

It's not all play around this house, Jayce is a good helper by feeding Boo Kitty.
Yeah, Betty Crocker star shaped decorations for cookies, that's how we roll at Memaw's.
Hot Wheels, fold-out track and Chicken Little, an easy way to relax.
Coming home from the park, a very tired little guy with a vanilla ice cream cup and a bottle.
Yes, very good balance, he walked the entire balance beam, by himself, no help the entire length, without stepping off even once!! Not bad for a 3 year old.
Hiding out at the play log home, at playground number 2.
Just a nice spin on the little merry-go-round, more kids joined later.
Jordan loves the slides, he is really daring and will go down these by himself.
Help me, I' m in a pink jail cell, let me out!!
Aunt Susi, or Aunt Kooky, joined us at McDonalds playground and then traveled on to the other two we visited. it was a beautiful day, in the 70's and a nice breeze. I think we wore Aunt Kookie out, but Jayce loved having her along.
Hey, If brother isn't going to eat it, pass it on over please.
It's all about the basketball with Jordan, if he finds a ball he looks for the hoop.
Jayce and Uncle Pete playing MarioKart on Wii, the first thing Jayce wanted to do today. We had a very fun day, the boys stayed with us and Pete agreed to help, we also had Aunt Kooky come along to the playgrounds with us. The day is never long enough to do all we need to do, I think Jayce could stay 2 days and not get all the playing done. I think, though 2 tired little boys were ready to go home when mom and dad got back, since Jayce couldn't take the Wii home, (it's Pete's), he took home his 3 pine cones from the park and a can of enchilada sauce. Why the sauce? I really don't know, but if Jayce wanted it, he could have it. I miss my little boys after they leave, but we will have a fun and happy day again soon, I hope. Love to you all...

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