Monday, March 2, 2009

Jolene Turns 27 Today!

Laura Danielle was born at 3:22 am on a Tuesday at Oliver Anderson Hospital located in Maryville, Illinois. She weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds and 14 inches. We were so excited for her arrival, I guess looking back, her delivery and birth was pure textbook, I didn't realize it at the time, I thought this is how it always was supposed to happen. I started having labor pains on Sunday night, we had returned from a Disney movie at a local theater, I think Cinderella, we had just went to bed when I started having contractions, boy were we excited we had plans to stay up and play cards and get ready to have a baby in the morning. Well, never mind, the pains were scattered and we just went on to sleep. The next day I saw my doctor and he confirmed that I was in labor, he said just go home, walk around and call me later it will be a few hours. After 1 false run to the hospital, and they sent me home, I was determined not to go until the last minute. We arrived at the hospital at about 11 pm and as you can see, she was born about 4 hours later. At that time they did not do the routine ultrasounds, so we had NO idea if she was a girl or a boy, Surprise, it's a girl, I think this moment was better than all Christmases and birthdays combined, it is an instant feeling of awe, of opening a gift and it being ten times more precious than any thing you could think of. There can't possibly be anything better, no way, no how. We took her home after a couple of days, a perfect baby in our imperfect little world, at one point I remember being in Wal-Mart with her in her little pumpkin seat and thinking, Wow, she is mine, all mine and she will be with me forever and I always have to help and take care of her. It wasn't a scary thought, just more of an "AH HA moment. Laura grew and was such a happy and content baby, when she was 6 months old we moved back home and were pleasantly surprised to find we were going to get another little one in our lives, so Laura got a sister at the old age of 16 months. Sometimes I feel like she was shortchanged, like I didn't get to hold and squeeze her enough, I made her be a big girl before it was time. I missed her baby years as we struggled to pay bills, she grew up a very independent little girl and continues to be a very strong and independent woman today. Laura was always quick to giggle, sucked on 2 fingers until she got retainers, lol, potty-trained after baby sister Krysta. She always did great in school and wanted to be in everything that came along, including girl scouts, pageants, cheer leading, plays, choir and music contest. She had a boyfriend in Kindergarten, his name was Timmy, he was in love with her, she probably broke his heart, in fact I'm sure she has left a few hearts shattered and scattered along her path in life. She has always been a major blessing in our lives, a huge source of entertainment and given us a purpose to work harder to help make things easier for her, especially in college. Our first little girl, called Critter then later Jolene, turned 27 years old today, it can't be possible, she is probably down the hall talking to Angela or Ronda on the phone, at work at Wal-Mart or over at Jared's house. Maybe she is at cheerleader practice or going over to Sandy's after Girl Scouts or just needing something to eat. But, I know time has marched on down the line and she is all grown up with a husband, 2 little boys and a house and job. she is one busy person, finishing her Master's Degree in Administration this last summer and already accepted in the Doctorate program at University of Missouri at Columbia. Jared and her boys are the most important things in her life and she still juggles it all with style and grace, she is kind hearted, generous, honest and trustworthy, sometimes snippy if things don't go her way, bossy, gets mean when hungry, stubborn and very smart, can sew up a dress without a pattern, can make anything she puts her mind to, (this is from her father), if she wants something, she will find a way to get it. Okay, enough from a proud mom, I am so lucky to have her in my life, If I never do another thing, My biggest blessing and accomplishment in my life would be my three children. Lots and lots of love to my sweet daughter on her Happy Birthday !!!!!!! Love you.
Krysta and Laura celebrating Master's Degrees last summer, Krysta's in Instructional Mathematics and Laura's Administration.
Laura and Jordan Alan OQuinn, baby boy number 2.
Laura with Jayce Andrew O'Quinn, baby boy Number 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Jared O'Quinn on their wedding day.
Laura and friend/sister-in-law, Joanna on an O'Quinn family trip to Hawaii.
Laura and best friend, Angela Bagley at high school graduation.
Laura and Jared at Laura's senior year prom, they make a cute couple!
Laura candidate for Homecoming her senior year, she placed runner-up, her escort was David Gunter, a very good friend since Kindergarten.
Laura and Donna-Jo, cheerleaders for good old CHS.
Laura's eighth grade graduation, Grandpa and Grandma Long pose for a picture.
Krysta and Laura at Laura's birthday, I think she was turning 6 years old. Look, they are holding hands, this was highly unusual, they mostly were fussing with each other.
Laura and Krysta with dog, Goldie, I put this one on because of the jewelry she was wearing, earrings, necklace and ring, she always, had to have her jewelry on.
Okay, the boots, this child had to wear these crazy winter boots the entire summer when she was 3 years old, how embarrassing to take a child to town and her wearing winter boots with her shorts. It was easier not to fight with her, she was very hardheaded, so I don't want to hear a word about Jayce and any shoe or clothing issues, he comes by it naturally.
Laura at 2 years old, what a sweetheart.
Laura at about 1 1/2 years old, maybe a little older, you can see the meanness popping out of her.
Laura at one year old, she was always happy and was never scared of people.
Grandma Long and Laura at Laura's first birthday, she got a photo album and a pair of Nike tennis shoes, just like Aunt Susie's.
Her first snowfall, she was about 10 months old, not walking yet.
Out little shining star, Laura at one month old, she had such a nice round head and lot's of hair. When she was only a couple of months old, I could put the phone receiver to her ear and when Grandma Long talked she would make little baby sounds, it always tickled mom, (Grandma Long) when she would make little gurgle noises back.

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    I am who I am because of you and dad. It's all your fault :)