Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hinode Japanese Resturant

After the circus, we all got together at Hinode's, which is one of the fun and interactive Japanese steakhouses that probably everyone has been to. We have eaten here a few times and have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Our chef prepares the grill and get ready to fire it up, Jayce was ready and had his eyes covered, he knew what was coming.
Wow, what a blast of heat, do any of us have eyebrows after that?
To my right, Jayce, Laura, Jordy and Jared on the back wall, he was watching basketball and keeping track of an ever active Jordan.
I wanted to try sushi, I've had it once, but didn't like it, so I took Brian's advice and tried California Roll, made with rice, Norri, avocado and crab. If they had left out the Norri or seaweed paper, it would have been pretty good, they also put a small sample of fresh tuna on the side and I tried it and found it to be firm and crunchy, like a fresh apple or pear, kinda cool.
The far side, Krysta, Brian, Larry and Carol, Brian's folks, we really like them alot and are always fun to have around.
On my better half, my better half and my baby Pete, I don't know if he was worried about the flaming grill or if he was just tired.
Krysta getting to see her Jordy, he is talking so much now and is a very active little boy, goes non-stop.
The very full, with plenty of leftovers and tired crew, Brian, Laura, Krysta and Jordy, Danny, me and Jayce, Carol, Pete and Jared, we had Larry taking the picture for us. We had such a nice time,and thankfully I was feeling better after being out sick with double pink eye and strep throat. I know, I am getting old and falling apart, but I still, love you all!!!!

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