Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Blue Rocking Chair

Today we drove down to Osage Beach to pay my money to the doctor for my upcoming tummy tuck and lipo. Danny and Pete went along, mostly because Pete wanted a few new clothing items for summer and I think Danny came because he just loves me a lot and wanted to be with me, I guess. Anyway, we stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores, Dogwood Thrift Store in Camdenton. All the money they raise goes to the Humane Society of Camden County, so not only can you get some cool used items you get to help out the homeless animals at the shelter too!!! These are the two items I bought, I am most proud of my little blue rocker. It is built just right for my two little guys, very sturdy, even my fat bottom sat in it, blue and vinyl covered for easy cleaning. I thought it would be hard to judge size by the picture so I put my Easter bunny on and by it so you could see how cute and small it is. Danny looked it over and wants to make a pattern to make another one, which would be so great, cause I am afraid we are going to have a fight with just one. I love this little blue rocker, it MADE my day. It also only cost me 8 bucks, can you believe it. Happy Thrifting! Love to you all.

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