Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Visit To Bedrock

I am in front of the huge Fred Flintstone sign that overlooks both the highway to the Grand Canyon and the Bedrock museum and town, a true to size replica of the village of Bedrock and the home of those wacky guys, Fred and Barney.

I am checking out the Flintstone's car, ready to take people for a ride on the track that circled the replica city of Bedrock, I keep saying replica for those of you who might think it was the real place.
I am helping out by turning the huge spit that had a dino carcass on it, cooking for dinner. I worked so hard I lost a leg, just call me Peg Leg Sherry.
I am helping out at the local grocery store, eager to check out anyone who might need raptor eggs, dino steaks or teradachtal wings on their grocery list.
Yes, look at my hair, you can see for yourself that I need a haircut and style badly, the dry heat just made my poor hair curl up and dye!
Pretty cute of me, checking out my new hair-don't from Ms. Pebblebottom, herself. I look lovely!!
Remember at the first of the cartoon, where Fred slides down off his working dino to clock out for the day, well folks here it is, the original workasauers, it even has a built in slide, just wait.
Yes, I am at the top, and it was pretty high, I would have slid down in normal situations, but considering I still had a drainage tube in my groin and a compression garment giving me a wedgie, I decided not too.
Time to visit Fred, very nice home, although Wilma need to give it a better cleaning, the bird-operated Victrola was on display, but not giving us any music, I wonder why, and by the way no one was home, not even Dino.
A visit to the good old school house, pretty small but you could still learn something here, like how hot it can get in these little buildings.
Inside the classroom, must be one of Betty's cousins, they kind of look alike.
The nurse at the clinic, seemed nice enough, but I don't think I could even squeeze into her uniform, I think she is one of Wilma's sisters, she had the red hair thing going on.
One of the last stops was the creepy movie theater where they had a continuous loop of the Flintstone show running, this is where, in the horror movie, a mutant, in-breed giant clubs you in the back of the head and drags your lifeless body away, then the normal looking cashier takes your car keys, credit cards and ID and dumps them in the hot, rocky, dusty badlands of the remote southwest and you are never heard of again. Just kidding, we got out alive and it was pretty cheap entertainment for $5.00 each. Please continue to watch my blog for more of our Grand Canyon and Phoenix adventure.

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