Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great Jayce Andrew O'Quinn

Newborn Jayce Andrew O'Quinn, look at that hair!!
Great-Grandma Long with Jayce and me, Mom was so excited, she insisted Grandpa drive her down to see Laura's new baby.
Papaw and Jayce at home.
I know we kind of skipped a bit, Jayce at the Ozark Empire Fair, he was just over 1 years old.
Jared and Jayce on the merry-go-round at the fair.
Jayce O'Quinn, about 9 months.
Aunt Krysta and Jayce, just trying to walk.
Thinking about walking, but very good at stair climbing!!
At Memaw's playing in the sink.
Uncle Pete and Jayce with matching t-shirts from vacation.
Jayce with his new trike at his 2nd birthday party, Aunt Krysta and Uncle Brian got him this cool ride!
The birth of little brother Jordan, a week long stay at Columbia and a very tired little boy who wants his mom.
Aunt Krysta and Jayce with there Navy T-Shirts on, Uncle Brian had left to Go Navy for a bit.
Papaw and Jayce at the park, one of our favorite places to go when he visits our house.
Jayce at 2 years old at Great-Grandma Helen's Christmas, eating a bread and butter pickle, yummy!!
At the new house, Jayce loved riding his bike on the hardwood floors and running over Uncle Pete.
At the Dickerson Park Zoo last summer, who could miss the water spray fountains, so cool on a hot and fun day at the zoo.

Jayce Andrew O'Quinn was born on Tuesday, June 28 at 6:06 pm at Lake Ozark Hospital. He weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces. It was a pretty hot day and we had started early, the day went on and on, waiting and waiting until finally the doctor decided to complete with a c-section. Jayce arrived in good shape with a wild head of hair. Everyone there, including his Aunt Krysta and Uncle Pete, Uncle Jackie and Aunt Stacey, Pa Jack, Dori, Grandma Barb, Scott, Memaw and Papaw and I'm sure others were thankful for his safe arrival into the world. How fast has time flown, he is now a big boy four years old!!! He start pre-school at Camdenton this fall as a mentor, he is a very smart little boy, always thinking. He comes up with some of the most wonderful stories to tell, he loves to draw and swim and play with his brother, Jordan. He loves to ride on the ATV's especially Memaw's red one, he like sweet/sour candies better than chocolate, he is like his dad this way. He loves to fish with his dad on the dock and go out on the boat. He is loved by many, many people, he is a very lucky little boy. Many kisses and happy birthday wishes and blessings are sent his way by Memaw and Papaw who had to work today, WE LOVE YOU JAYCE!!!!!!

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