Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Canyon Adenture, Continued

Cactus with flowers
Closer view of flowers
Me with a very old cactus, I bet Indians and cowboys roamed around this area when this guy was born.
Burr Holes for the birds and varmits to live it.
Beautiful country side near Sedona, Arizona
Scenery near Sedona

After visiting Bedrock and an aviation museum, we started the long drive to Phoenix, where we would spend the night and also see Stephanie's family. We took the scenic drive through Sedona which had been highly recommended for the beautiful canyons of red and the cutbacks up and down the mountain areas, well, I got so sick, I never get car sick, but I guess from the antibiotics I was still on I felt like crap and really don't remember much, except popping Rolaids to keep from throwing up. After a couple of Chicken Nuggets at a McDonalds farther down the road I felt a bit better, it kept getting hotter and more dessert like, then we started seeing the soldiers of the dessert, the Saguaro cactus, a little history about the cactus is that the large tree-sized cactus are native tot he Sonoran dessert in Arizona. They have long life spans and it can take up to 75 years to develop a single arm, these cactus may live for 150 years, its illegal to harm them and they supply homes for woodpeckers, purple martins and finches. To me, I know this is crazy, but I thought it was more interesting in some way than the Grand Canyon, they were right out of a John Wayne movie and I was thrilled to have a photo with one, there were bunches and bunches everywhere as we entered into the Phoenix area. Look for one more blog to complete my Grand Canyon adventure. Love you all!

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