Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jordy with his pirate hat on ready to party!!
Welcome Aboard Matey, Watch out for all the pirates!! ARRRHHHHHHGGG
Jayce and Jordan give you permission to board the ship of fun!
Papaw used his airbrush skills to give tattoos to anyone who wanted them, yes, we used non-toxic, water-based paint for the wonderful piratey tattoos.
Even Jared got into the fun by getting a pirate tattoo.
Let's eat, even although it was hot, hot, hot, we ate grilled chicken, hot dogs, brisket, all all the fixins
Yes, we are ready for the cakes!
Jayce blowing out the candles on his Dead Man's Chest cake, complete with gold coins, two drunken or sleepy pirates, fish and sugar candy coral.
How cool is Jayce's cake!
Jordy's cake with a very colorful fish and a Happy Birthday Fisherman!
Another look at the pirate cake
Another view of the really cool cake.
Aunt Krysta and Uncle Brian, hot but glad to be here.
Great-Grandpa Long, yes that is his happy face!!
More of the crowd watching Jayce and Jordan opening gifts.
Jayce mainly opened all the gifts, because Jordy was just too busy playing on the playground stuff and running around.
So many gifts, what a wonderful surprise for a birthday boy.
One of the fav gifts of the night, foam swords for each boy, they carried them around all night, wacking on everybody. Aunt Krysta and Uncle Brian were clever enough to get those pirates new swords.
J ordy taking a break, he found a new package of Hot Wheels from Great-Grandpa Long, of course Jordy had to have the package open and one in each hand.
Watch out for the pirate.
Papaw and Memaw with 2 very tired, sweaty and dirty little guys, as you can see Jordan had had enough of sitting still and look how big our Jayce has gotten!!!
Me and Danny, we look pretty good for a middle aged couple, I was only running on about 4 hours sleep.

Laura and Jared had the boys a combined birthday party last night at Bennett Springs. Jayce's birthday is tomorrow (Sunday) and Jordan's is July 13, so this was a good time for all the families and friends to come help the boy's celebrate their 4th and 2nd birthdays. We had a good crowd there, of course Laura and Jared and boys, Grandma Barb and Scott, me and Danny, Uncle Pete, Aunt Krysta and Uncle Brian, Pa Jack and Dori, along with Christopher, Great-Grandma June and Great-Grandpa Long, Uncle Jackie and Justin and Jaymen Great-Aunt Susi (Kooky) and Uncle Jim with Heather, Rhonda and Brixton, the O'Quinn cousins, Kim and Kathy with mom and little ones, I am probably forgetting someone so I will stop. We had the party under the pavilion near the Susi hole bridge, which was very nice but still hot. The boys wanted a pirate theme, so me and Papaw made flags and helped with decorations. Hot Dogs, brisket, chicken and all the fixins tasted pretty good and of course the cakes were wonderful. Jayce had a Deadman's Chest cake that had golden coins, two funny looking pirates, fish and crystal candy sea coral, it was very cool, kind of like Ace of Cakes!! Jordan's was a colorful fish with mulit-color scales on it and was as tasty as it looked. the boys got a lot of really nice gifts and we were all glad when the sun went down for the cooler air. What a wonderful birthday party and lots of people who love these little guys, thanks to all who came and helped them celebrate. Two very tired and sweaty boys were loaded up in the car with the left over cake and headed home for a good night's sleep. Love to you all!!!

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