Monday, June 1, 2009

Going To The Beach, South Beach That Is !

As many of you know< i had a tummy tuck on April 2. There were several reasons for doing this. Foremost of all the reasons was the 13 pound apron or pack of loose skin and fat that hung down to my groin. I know gross, but after three pregnancies and many, many times of weight loss and weight gain the skin stretches out and there is not a thing you can do about it, nothing. So, you live with it in envy of other people who have flat tummies, you tuck into snug undies or pantyhose and hope for the best. It bothered me the most when trying to move quickly, example with a code at work, or exercise or even just getting in the floor with my little guys to play. I had lost about 40 pounds since nursing school, this over a couple of years and had maintained that lower weight, I so desperately wanted to continue to lose, trying to get under 200 pounds. Yes, for vanity, but for also health reasons, to prevent many of the issues that drug my mother under, high blood pressure, diabetes, artery disease that affected her circulation, hence losing both legs, renal failure and so on. So, I decided last October to get a abdominaoplasty or a tummy tuck along with liposuction, to push me to work harder and motivate me to continue my weight loss journey and feel good about myself in the process.
Well, here I am, 2 months later, yes a very hard journey filled with multiple drains, out-patient IV therapy, wound packing's, many, many sutures, depression, crying jags, days that I thought would never end, photo-sensitivity from Bactrium, rounds of antibiotics and finally healing with the support and care of an excellent doctor. So, I told myself as soon as I could I would be back on track with what my sister calls, a life change, watching the food I eat, so sugars, no breads, no junk for 2 weeks, this is a trial, It's a watch-see change, if it isn't for us, then we will try another path, if we see success through weight loss and feeling better we will continue. I am 9 pounds from 198, this is my first mini-goal, then we shall see. I am planning on going to the fitness center with Susi on Thursday night and restart the walk/run plan I wanted to do a year ago. I want to run, maybe not races, but I want to run and feel the lightness of a new body that is healing and only getting better each day. I thank all of you for your continued support through all the days of my tummy tuck journey, all the calls, cards, and well wishes. My co-workers were fantastic checking up on me and worried about how I was doing, my wonderful husband who was with me through thick and soon to be thin, who helped change those dressings and reassured me when I cried over biscuits and gravy, helped me get up from the couch and into the truck for those bi-weekly doctors visits, he gave up his days off to go with me and listen to my moans, whines and blubbering.My poor son who also endured days of mom having mini breakdowns and getting her things from the kitchen. All is good now, I am back at work and getting better everyday, I love my still slightly swollen and a little funky looking tummy, it's tight and no flapping skin, It will all mellow with time, at least 6 months and then maybe a touch-up. Enough rambling, I am headed to the Beach, egg white omelet with veggies here I come!!!

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  1. You are doing great! Congrats! I can't wait to see some of your healthy recipes on Kitchen Dandy. I don't actually know how to make an egg white omelet. Love you!