Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Canyon Adventures, The End!

Big old palm tree outside our hotel room, very pretty and tropical, felt like I was at the beach.
A view from our ground floor hotel room across a very pretty courtyard.
Me, thinking of heading home to a cooler Missouri and my own bed.
Yogurt Berry, a very pretty in pink shop!
Oh Honey, look at those raspberries, yes they were as good as they looked!!!
Me by a palm tree in front of the hotel rooms and courtyard.

Okay, this is my last entry about the Grand Canyon adventure of May 2009, here is a random few pictures that didn't fit in any where so I will add them to the end. We arrived in Phoenix and checked into our room at the Crown Plaza which was very nice and the cheapest place we stayed at the entire trip, less than $80 per room. After resting a bit, we drove over to see Steph and her family, my sister-in-law was visiting so I got to see her also. We had good pizza and a lot of fun with Miss Kayley, she loved showing us her room, her baby and crib that papaw made for her, her Bob the Builders and lots more. We had a nice visit and then a very tired crew returned to our rooms for a good nigh sleep. We had a wonderful breakfast at Denny's and then just drove around the Phoenix/Mesa area looking and killing time until our flight. We stopped at a very nice upper end mall, which was all outside stores and lots of walking, so none of us felt like trying out the 107 heat, but I did get some very yummy yogurt at Yogurt Berry, topped with beautiful real raspberries. Probably the highlight of my day, we got to the very small airport two hours early, but really needed all that time to get through the ticket area and security. Our flight home was quick and easy and we got to fly into the new terminal in Springfield which is really nice. After finding our car in long term, we headed home, thankful for the cool, fresh Missouri evening and our own beds. Thank you Lord for helping us have such a great journey and a safe and mostly pleasant trip!! Love to you all.

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