Friday, June 12, 2009

Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry, Brian + Krysta

The Mountain dew cake and the remaining layer of the wedding cake.
Brian and Krysta, guests-of-honor get to start the food line first.
You are looking at the Chinese chicken wings and the Asian salad with noodles that Carol made.
Brian and Krysta, almost one year married.
Acting goofy, this wasn't really a serious shot.
She still fits in her gown, yes it completely hooked, snapped and fitted perfectly
She got her dried bouquet from the china cabinet and carefully posed with it.
Brian and Krysta
Up close view of her dried roses, when they were fresh they were called sunset pink, a beautiful glowing pink with lillies and greenery.
Out on our front porch steps with the long train spread out.
Krysta and Brian

Brian and Krysta will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Sunday, so we decided to have a little celebration dinner for them. They had an Asia buffet for their wedding dinner, so that was on the menu for tonight's supper. We had Springfield style cashew chicken, pork lo mien, egg rolls, Asian salad with crunchy ramen noodles and fried rice. For desert we had Key Lime pie, Mountain Dew cake, Brian's favorite and also his grooms cake, and the remainder of the top of the wedding cake that has been stored in my freezer for a year. The white cake with raspberry filling, white icing and pearl glow pink fondant held up amazingly well, it was very moist and very flavorful right down to the raspberry filling. Cameo Cakes did an outstanding job on replicating her cake to look like her dress and for a cake to hold up that well through freezer conditions, well worth the money. A good little group came together, including Brian and Krysta, his parents, Larry and carol, Grandma Helen, Grandpa Long, Uncle Davis and Aunt Florence, me and Danny and Pete even drove down from his new residence in Springfield. David gave a wonderful and heartfelt blessing for the young couple to bless their continued unity to each other. We all ate too much and I am pooped after cooking and cleaning up all evening, but it is always fun. Pete was glad to take home some leftovers and we all helped to clean up afterwards. Krysta tried on her wedding gown and it still fits perfectly, she was pretty happy about that. so, we had to take a few pix with the dress and the dried flowers too. Plans are to go to Brian's family lake house for a nice weekend, out on the lake and just relaxing. Happy Anniversary! Much love, Mom and Dad

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