Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Grand Canyon Adventure

James, Stephanie, Kayley and Rhonda in front of us as we traveled to the Grand Canyon. Check out the beautiful mountains in the background.
A mountain with snow on the peaks.
Price board for entering the Grand Canyon, south rim, like I said in the blog, we got lucky cause we had an old guy with us and he got our carload in for $10.00, I really don't know how, but it was good!
Rhonda and Kayley looking over the edge, look at the tight hold she has on Kayley.
Dad, James, Kayley, Stephanie and Rhonda on a short rest break for dad, the high altitude got him slightly short of breath at times.
He made it, this is his birthday present, a train trip and the Grand Canyon for becoming 80 years old. I wish mom had been here for the trip.

Me and dad.
Some crazy foreign guy risking his stupid life, and I'm sure no insurance, I hope the stupid fool made it off the rock safely so we don't have to pay for his hospital bill.

Danny, Pete and Dad, I love these guys, but especially the one on the left, he is such a wonderful and kind man to go on this trip and be patient with my father.

We all left Flagstaff and headed North towards the Grand Canyon, the drive was pretty, some mountains, but lots of flat land with mostly scrub cedar and sagebrush. It took us a little over an hour to drive up and enter the park. We were at the south rim entrance and got a pleasant surprise when we found out by having dad in the car, we all got in for only $10.00 a carload, because he is old, so take an old person to a national park today, you can save a few bucks. Within the south rim area there was lots of places to pull over and look, we stopped at several and really enjoyed the surreal view, it almost looks photo shopped in the pictures we snapped. A beautiful, but hard to grasp park, even with looking at it it's hard to realize the enormous size and vision of it. We drove around and looked a lot, the weather was perfect, cool, with a slight breeze, kinda reminded me of a fall day in Missouri. About noon, we all drove back to the small town at the south rim for an expensive McDonald's meal, (value meals were $7.00) and there we split company, we decided to sight see on our own and James and Steph needed to head back to Phoenix, it was a long ride with a very tired little girl. We went back to the canyon and took more photos and enjoyed the scenery again, Pete and I threw rocks into the canyon, helping to fill it up and we all speculated on how many people fall to their deaths each year. (about 1 per year) We headed back to the small town we had lunch in and back to the Holiday Inn Express, which was also very nice, to spend the night. The next day the plans were to travel back towards Phoenix, visit an airplane museum and Bedrock, home of Fred Flintstone, more photos and blogs to come soon. Love to you all.

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