Monday, May 11, 2009

Branson Air Show

Pete at the air show, in front of the Warrensburg, Central Missouri Sate area, along with a plane from Whiteman AFB. Pete spent his first year of college at Central Missouri.
A cool plane
The long line-up of cars and buses traveling out to the new airport at Branson.
One of the several parking lots to wait for the bus transport.
The on/off load area at the terminal.
Me, all by myself enjoying a snack of Harry and David's honey roasted nuts, you couldn't do this if children were along, they would all want a package of nuts and you would leave Harry and David's a lot more broke.
The guys coming from the bus after a long afternoon at the airshow.
Just for fun, the Titanic exhibit, I have been to it before, pretty neat with lot's of old stuff and information, just thought you might want to see it.

Branson had a huge airshow at their brand new airport and airfield over the weekend, Danny really wanted to go, he had requested the time off months ago, little did he know I was still trying to get over this simple tummy tuck. He had almost talked himself out of it, but kind of at the last minute we decided to go. We rented a room at the Radisson, off of Priceline, so wouldn't have to drive back home and I would have a spot to take it easy. We got to Branson about noon on Sat. and after checking in I drove the guys out to the airport. It was CRAZY, many, many parking area, school buses hauling folks in, but we trudged down the line and after about an hour to go 5 miles, I dropped the guys off at the terminal. They were very excited and it looked pretty cool, but I have learned my limits and walking up and down an airstrip all day was not in my best interest. I went back to the outlet mall and walked up and down sidewalks all afternoon:) I did get me a few new things, as most of my clothing is about 2 sizes to big. The guys called for a pick-up at about 4:30 and they rode one of the buses back, so I only had to meet them at Hollister. We ate at Olive Garden for a pre-mother's day dinner and Pete got my dessert. I love that salad and I made myself sick on it and then couldn't eat my seafood pasta dish. We cruised the 76, looking at all the cool lights and complaining about the out-of-state plates and the traffic. We headed back to our room and had an ok rest, we came home Sunday, after stopping off in Springfield to do a little shopping. All-in-all it was a fun weekend and nice to get out for a day. I am slowly feeling better and really ready to head back to work soon! Love to you all.

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