Friday, May 22, 2009

An Experience On Amtrack

Danny waiting in the distance, Dad walking slowly towards the Union Station in Kansas City, where we were going to board our train.
Amtrak waiting area, I shot on the angle for more creativity.
The ceiling at Union Station, such beautiful art work, moulding, light and windows and such history of the people who walked on the beautiful marble floors.
Dad and I waiting for the train, I look so excited, if I only knew what was coming up I wouldn't have looked so darn happy.
Dad trying to rest on the lower berth, I took the picture while hanging out of my upper berth.
Dad and I at breakfast, I had a spinach omelet with hash browns and had had cold cereal with fruit and yogurt, I know I look pretty rough, but I didn't have time to mess with my hair or makeup and I was riding on about 4 hours of restless sleep. Larry and Wink our breakfast table friends took our photo.
Somewhere in New Mexico at a siding, I probably took this for the mountain inn the back not the sided rail car that dad took such great interest in.

Due to problems with my computer/blog site/self, I didn't get all the pictures posted of the Amtrak trip part of the adventure, so here are the rest of the photos.

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