Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boo Kitty becomes A Mommy.

Our Boo kitty, that somehow showed up at our door last year became a mommy, OK, I know we should have had her fixed and believe me we will try and get it done before she decides to find another boyfriend and have babies. My wonderful husband knew she might not be smart enough to figure out a safe birthing area so he kindly fixed a cozy warm box on the back porch safe from other critters
This is Jayce putting one of the 4 babies back in their box, I think all of us were going, "Be careful and don't squeeze to tight"
Jayce thought they were pretty cute and thought it funny when they tried crawling in and out of their box.
Boo kitty had 4 babies, 2 smokey whites and 2 blacks.
This one is pretty cute and very lively.

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