Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday At The Lake

Jayce, after bath time, getting ready to either shoot a hoop or bean memaw with the ball, it's hard to tell.
Jayce and mom, this was taken by Jordan with a little help from memaw.
Is someone getting very, very sleepy, just after bath time?
Jordan and Jayce in the big tub, with all the dishes and junk memaw brought with her, they had fun pouring water into cups and pouring it out. They are both little ducks.
Jordan in the playroom, top of the slide saying, "Cheese".
Jordan being the little daredevil he is, had just vaulted over the back and was now nicely sitting with a big smile.
Oh no, the car is going to run over me, his little Tikes car had kind of backed over him.
Jordan and Jayce with their older cousin, Justin OQuinn, they just love their cousins, Justin and Jamen, put them all together and what a pack of rough and tumble boys they are. Justin has been a close buddy of mine since he was very little, he used to come over to the house and we played dinosaurs together, he was only a little guy and could name all the different type of dinosaurs. Justin will always be special to me.

I worked overnight on Saturday, and after I got up, around 2-230pm, I didn't want to just sit at the house, so Pete and I went down to Laura and Jared's for a couple of hours. I had not seen the boys in 2 weeks, so I was really missing them. Danny was at work, so we sneaked off and stopped on the way to get them each a grape and orange slushy from Sonic. We had a fun time, just playing and helping with bath time. As usual, Jayce had to stand at the doorway of the garage yelling Goodbye, until he could no longer see us, it's required of Memaw to yell back through her open window and of course Pete cringes, think that all the neighbors in their gated community, know the rednecks are leaving. Oh well, one of these days he won't want me to do this anymore and he too will cringe at Memaw giving him kisses and screeching goodbye from a car window, but believe me I am doing it as long as I can get a way with it. We had a sweet night and I am re-energized to start a new week. Love to you all!!

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