Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Check Me Out!

Actually my Grandma Opal Davis Stevens, in this picture she was probably getting close to 40, maybe 37 or 38 years old. This is where I get my body shape, just look at her chicken legs, just like mine, exactly, look at her Davis gut, her round belly, really the only thing big on her except her height. She was a tall woman, I also have her arms, mine don't have a lot of fat on them. I guess I am proud to look like her, she was a very good, kind, patient and hardworking woman. I will keep everything else as long as I can get rid of the Davis gut.
Oh boy, I am 18, newly married, thought I had the world by the tail. Just check out that groovy Toni Tenielle, form the Captain and Tenielle, you know Muskrat Love and Love will Keep Us Together group, haircut and what about that camel toe with my very tight shorts. I remember this trip, mom and dad had just gotten a new Volare' and all of us went on a road trip, mom, dad, Danny, me, Susi and her stinky boyfriend Jimmy, we down into Arkansas and it was hot! Dad wouldn't use the A/C so I was wringing out a washcloth from the cold water in the ice chest.
Susie and I at the Laclede County Fair, we were probably 15 and 13, while I don't look fat, I sure felt huge. I had sewn patches to bottom of my jeans and look at the tennis shoes, blue swede with white stripes, right on!
I was probably around 5 years old, I think this was pre-store, I think we had been over to Buffalo to the fairgrounds with Wanda, Tommy and Phillip, to only find nothing was open, I remember mom getting a pot holder from a gas company and we got an umbrella and a tiny plastic poodle, I'm guessing from a vendor willing to open during the day. I think Susie either wet herself or threw up and our day ended.
I should have saved this for my birthday entry, but it is too cute to resist, wasn't I a very cute baby, YES I WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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