Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mamaw Is Starting A be continued

About Christmas time I decided to make a quilt for either Jayce or Jordan. It's called a rag quilt due to the fraying of the unfinished edges. It is made with flannel material and is so cute when finished. It didn't look too difficult so I started buying material to attempt this quilt. I bought my first hunk of material at the FM store on Sunshine, a very old, used to be 5 and dime, but now they only carry gads of material. I bought a beautiful blue print with bucking horses and cowboys, I decided to carry on with the western theme by buying a few yards of blue plaid, red plaid, horses running, grizzly bears and Indian blanket style. I started cutting right after Christmas, but with work and my 2 blogs, time to work on it has been little to none. Tonight I decided to start sewing, I completed 11 blocks, I need about 80-90 to make a nice size quilt. I am going to try and work on it as much as I can, I also want to make one for Jordan and Kayley, I am going to incorporate one square from Grandma Long's cotton blouses, which I saved and have made into quilt squares. I also save all the buttons for other projects. I hope to get these done somewhere in the future, maybe 2020??? I am not much of a sewer, but I am giving it a good try. Wish me luck, Love to you all!!

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