Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy New Year, 2010 !!

New Year's Eve Party at our house. Plenty of family and friends to play board games, eat too much food and share a great time and plan for the new year ahead. The year is 2010, what will this year bring, well I know for sure, alot of work, 2 trips to Mexcio, car trades, work on the house with new windows and time well spent with family including our grandsons. Lake trips, a long vacation to Myrtle Beach, yearly hayride in October. As I look at this year again in pictures, I look forward to fond memories of days that have passed us by and remember the good times. This should be fun and I hope, when I get my self caught up and into 2011 I can reflect on maybe things I could have changed and things I would never change. Talk to you again soon.

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