Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christmas, 2009

What did we all get for Christmas in 2009, well I don't really remember except to look at pictures. But what do I remember the most, that we all got to be together as a family, Danny and I, Laura, Jared and the boys, Krysta and Brian and of course baby Pete. Family is most important, things we buy, things we do, places we go, they really don't mean alot if you don't have home and family to come to. We never know what a new year will bring, we hope peace, happiness and contentment and of course pain, sorrow and sadness are a given. As I prepare to restart this blog, I hope to remember not only the good times in the last 16 months, but also a few of the sad too. Thanks for allowing me to return, hope to see you soon.

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