Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picking A Pumpkin From The Pumpkin Patch

My own home-grown pumpkin, the only one to survive this year.
Jayce and Jordan in Memaw's pumpkin patch.
Uncle Pete hauling out the "harvest" this year.

Every year I want a pumpkin patch, you know like the Great Pumpkin , Charlie Brown? I want a huge one, so all my little friends and family can have one to choose. Well, this year due to a cold and wet spring, we were slow to get anything out, but I did have 1 home grown pumpkin to call my own, not very big, maybe kick-ball sized, but I grew it. But, I wanted my little boys to have one to make a jack-o-lantern for their front porch, so I bought 2 and "transplanted" then for the little guys to find. It's the thought that counts and I can't do it forever, they will finally figure it out, so I have to be on my game next year and get a bigger and better patch going. Watch out Linus, Memaw is going to have a shining patch for the Great Pumpkin to visit and bring toys to all good little girls and boys!!! Happy Halloween.

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