Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brian's Birthday Blog

On their first wedding anniversary, really acting silly, but it came out good.
Brian and Krysta at Dad's 80th birthday party.
A fun game night, Pete and Brian with questions from Men vs Women game.
Wedding day
Engagement on the beach at Gulf Shores, look at how sweet they are.
Brian with his flounder? We didn't quite know what to do with it.
Popular new music group with Brian on the drums.
Fishing on the beach, what a catch!
On vacation at the Gulf.
Brian with Jordy.
Brian and Krysta with the Audi.

Our son-in-law Brian will be celebrating a birthday very soon, since I am now working a normal schedule, I thought I had better knock this blog out this weekend. Brian and Krysta have been together for many years, I wish I could remember exactly how many, but as I get older the memory capacity fails. The first time they met, I think they both knew they were meant to be together. Brian is from a Navy family and moving has made him somewhat an adventurous person, he is really into scuba diving, loving any time he can get exploring under water in the area lakes. A favorite weekend get-away is his grandfathers home on the lake near Branson, just hanging out with family and being on the water are two of his passions. Brian is a very patient person, he loves animals, especially his dog, Shasha, his love of animals is very evident because their little family includes, Shasha, Peanut, 2 cats and little Pinky (RIP) who died this weekend accidentally. Brian is also proudly serving in the Navy Reserves for 2 years, he has worked very hard to advance quickly through the ranks and is planning on his Officer test on Monday, with the hopes of becoming active full time in Officer's training. While this will involve moving, they are both up for the challenge and adventure. Brian loves my daughter very much, he trys to do things to make her happy. Brian is kind, patient and loving. Smart, talented, (he plays drums), funny, but can also be a perfectionist and deep in thought. He loves my Mountain Dew cake, salmon, seafood and Pepsi products! We wish Brian a wonderful birthday and very much luck on the test tomorrow morning. Love Mom and Dad

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  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Brian, happy birthday to you!!!!!!