Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day At The Races

We spent a beautiful December afternoon with Laura, Jared and the kids. Danny and I had bought the boys scooters from the mall for Christmas, wiggle scooters are what they are called, they are made sturdy enough that even a large adult can ride on them without breaking them. We delivered them and boy did we have fun, Jayce and Laura line up for a race down the drive with Jordan as Laura's co-pilot. Later Pete and even Memaw got into the action, with a little spill-over by Memaw, no injuries noted. Jordy had his own little scooter, a left-over from Jayce and had fun going up and down the hill. Meanwhile, Papaw and Jared were on the front porch roof sealing up the edges before winter hits us again. We had a fun afternoon and no one was injured in the making of this blog. Love you all!!

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